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Oh my, not this again!
Have you lost count how much precious time you have spent on rectifying totally-preventable I.T issues? Usually, a great Managed Service Provider (MSP) will have all the necessary knowledge, latest tools and technologies to sort things out before it turns nasty! Most importantly, prevent issues from recurring again!


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When something goes wrong, you will want the problem to be addressed quickly and adequately. Be it user-error or a glitch in the system, your I.T provider’s response-time must be speedy as downtime is not just wasting your time but money as well.

Typically, after lodging your support request, a qualified MSP will respond to you quickly, providing clear timelines of when you can expect a resolution to your I.T problem.

We understand businesses today rely on I.T in almost every aspect of their operations, not least when it comes to growth and development. As modern businesses seek to deliver better customer experiences with IT at their core, the risk to the company’s reputation due to IT outages is significant.


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Working 9am – 6pm, or 10am – 7pm
Although you don’t work around clock (sometimes it feels like it), your network definitely does, and so should your IT Provider. A reliable MSP will have a solid monitoring solution in place, able to cope with any unwelcome surprises that may pop up at any time of the day or night, probably before you’ve even noticed anything is wrong. If you can’t be sure that this is the level of service you have in place, you should be looking for a new provider. You deserve more family time for yourself!

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Hello, my computer crashed, where’s my data?
Data is of utmost importance of any businesses. A mechanically-damaged hard-drive can cost up to $1,200 / 1000GB (SG industry-standard) to recover. Just imagine, a tray of 10TB drives will cost $10K and above just for the recovery of the files, let alone the replacement of hardware.

In addition, data recovery is not guaranteed for mechanically-damaged drive, and data can be foregone for good. Data Backup will be a great start, but what if the systems you need them to work on are also down? A good MSP will find out how long you can be without your critical systems and data, and then create a disaster recovery plan to make sure they can be restored and working before it gets critical. If you’re settling for less than this level of service, you need to ask yourself whether you are properly protected.

Stop for a moment and imagine a world where your systems are all running smoothly. Where regular preventative maintenance and pro-active diagnosis of your network means you’re never waiting for an engineer to arrive. Where your employees can access the technology they need, when and where they want to, with no frustrating glitches or buffering getting in the way. Stop imagining, this is the reality with managed services!