"Once data is lost, the steps you take in the first 60 minutes to retrieve your data are critical to the data recovery process"

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Internal 3.5" / 2.5" Hard Drive Recovery

Internal 3.5" HDDs are commonly found in Desktop PC, while Internal 2.5" HDD are typically found in AIO or Laptops. Usually, they spins 5400/7200 Rates Per Minute (RPM). It is unfortunately subjected to wear and tear, resulting in internal components going haywire after years of usage. 

External Portable Drive Recovery

Who would have thought that an external portable drive, which we entrusted with, failed even quicker than an internal HDD? The most common failures are:
Firmware / Manufacturer Fault
Power Failure
Mechanical Failure

Internal 2.5" Solid State Drive Recovery

Modern motherboards use SATA III 2.5" SSD as their preferred Operating System drive. It is capable of maxing out at a throughput of 600MB/s. For comparison, a 7200 RPM SATA drive manages around 100MB/s depending on age, condition, and level of fragmentation. 

Internal mSATA SSD Drive Recovery

Similarly to 2.5" SSD, it uses uses the Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) command set to transfer data between a host computer and target storage device. The main differences between an mSATA SSD and a SATA SSD are physical size and the connector.

Internal M.2 SSD Drive Recovery

Modern mid-high range laptops adopts M.2 SSD as their preferred storage media due to its lightweight yet rapid transfer speed. M.2 is usually faster than 2.5" SSD by 300MB/s - 500B/s, though some can even achieve above 1.3GB/s depending on the make and model. 

Internal NVMe SSD Recovery

Standing for “Non-Volatile Memory Express,” NVMe is an open standard developed to allow modern SSDs to operate at the read/write speeds their flash memory is capable of. Essentially, it allows flash memory to operate as an SSD directly through the PCIe interface rather than going through SATA and being limited by the slower SATA speeds. 

SD/SDHC/SDXC/MiniSD/MicroSD Recovery

Experts say you don't take photographs, you make it. A photograph is a secret about about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know. Experts also say a minute of video is worth 18 Million Words. Your memories can be preserved! 

3.5" Diskette

Disc badly scratched or damaged? Fret not, there's still a high chance it can be recovered!

Equipped with Clean Room Facility

For hard-drive with mechanical errors, we will fix all damaged drive in our ‘cleanest of clean room’ facility within our secure laboratory. This will be done by identifying and replacing all faulty components after the missing files have been copied and restored.