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What is NAS?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives have been around for decades, allowing homes and businesses to create their very own storage solution, without having to hook up hefty hard drives by cable to their laptops and desktops. Centralised databases enable employees to collectively work on documents or tables, without having to create multiple versions of the same document. What’s more, administering data backups within a shared storage platform proves to be less strenuous than when compared to a range of individual hard drives.

Benefits of NAS

NAS systems are essentially file servers that have been optimised for storing data on local networks. One of the central functions of network attached storage is the control it offers users when it comes to accessing saved data. This feature is particularly useful for professional applications; files from different users can be separated from one another while still being saved on the same storage platform. Working in groups is made possible with the support of the proper clearance.

NAS Configuration

With so many RAID configurations available, we will be able to find one tailored to your needs! 

Free Consultation

Do you need a NAS solution for your company, but are afraid of super-pushy companies? Do you not have the time, resource or know how to manage your NAS?

Or are you simply confused by all the choices in the world of NAS?

Fear not… We are here to help you, and what’s more you can start with a completely free onsite consultation.


We will propose the most appropriate NAS for your Company according to:
a) Needs

b) Objectives
c) Proposed Product
d) Proposed RAID Technology
e) Rationale
f) Technical/Project Approach
g) Accessibility Approach
h) Timeline for Execution
i) Coverage