"When we change the way we communicate, we change the company."

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VoIP PABX/PBX Telephone

Business never stands still. Your needs change frequently! VoIP has already changed the way we do business. We provide a broad range of communication and PABX/PBX phone systems for multiple business and office applications. From simple analogue systems, through to advanced IP-based Network Communication Platforms capable of handling multiple locations, both locally and across the globe.


Whether adding video to your voice communications or allowing remote presentation capabilities, faster internet connectivity is allowing richer forms of communication. we can provide web conferencing software either hosted at your site or in the cloud, allowing you to truly collaborate both internally within your organisation and externally with customers, partners and suppliers.

Presence & Instant Messaging

When utilising UC for internal communications, presence is a key catalyst. It allows your employees to see the free/busy/away status of co-workers in real time, reducing wasted time and allowing employees to choose the most efficient form of communication for the task. Presence information is displayed consistently across different applications.

Cloud-Collaboration Tools

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. Let us help implement any of these today:
Office 365

Sharepoint Online
Microsoft Azure
Cisco WebEX